Principles of Game Design

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You have a great idea for a game.

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Taught by
Casey O'Donnell
Associate Professor
and 11 more instructors

Offered by
Michigan State University

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r/gamedev • post
1215 points • GameDevSeal
I Made an Evergreen List of The BEST Game Dev Courses for Beginners

Video version of this article!.

Many people have been getting into game development lately, as well as joining communities like this one. I post this with the scope of trying to clarify for beginners, where they should look to find the best courses, and which of them should they give special attention to.

Udemy (Mostly Paid, All of them at 10$):

Learn to Code By Making Games - Complete C# Unity Developer:

(most of us already know this one) It's a best-seller of very high quality, bringing you from 0 knowledge to making your first games. After you finish this course, you will know even scripting, to such a level, that you could even start making games on your own.

The Unreal Engine Developer Course - Learn C++ & Make Games:

(this one is very well known too. It's pretty much the same course, but for Unreal and C++ and you mostly get the same benefits you get from the unity course) Choose which engine YOU personally like most and get started with one of these 2 courses. They offer almost pretty much everything.

Learn 3D Modelling - The Complete Blender Creator Course:

This one is also very known. Until now, all of these courses are made by the same author, Ben Tristem. Starting to see the pattern here? He makes good stuff. I finished 30% of this course, and I was already capable of making low poly games. I, who am one of the worst artists you will ever hear of. So you can definitely do it too.

I used to think it had to do with your drawing skills before starting, but you can totally suck at it, and still make great 3d models.

Pixel art for Video games:

This is for the people who want to make pixel art and retro games instead of 3d. I didn't get too far in it, because I didn't enjoy making pixel art, but I still learned a lot, even as the "Worst Artist"TM that I am.

Game Music Composition: Make Music For Games From Scratch:

I didn't actually take this course myself, because I did 8 years of music education, so I just got the software, and had a easier time figuring everything out.

But you don't need that AT ALL, because this course doesn't just tell you how to make game music. It also teaches you the basics of Music Theory, which will come very much in handy in your quest of becoming a game composer.

Coursera (You can take them all for FREE, and it mostly covers other aspects like game design and story writing):

Introduction to Game Design:

Pretty much self explanatory, this gets you all you need to start with game design.

Introduction to Game Development:

If you are REALLY new and you just want to test the waters for free, and see whether game development is right for you, I recommend you start with this one, out of everything I mentioned in this list.

Principles of Game Design:

This is the more advanced version of game design. If you have a game idea that you want to bring to execution, you should consider this one.

Business of Games and Entrepreneurship:

I can't even express how many valuable notes I wrote on a notebook, about this industry. If you're considering a career in game development, you might want to try this, to better understand how the place where you might work in the future functions.

Story and Narrative Development for Video Games:

All you need to start making your story, characters, to give your game more meaning.

Game Development for Modern Platforms:

It's usually obvious where you should be posting your game, but if it's not and you need more info on it, I absolutely recommend this.


Learn about mechanics of gamification, how to use certain game elements, and game design techniques.

BONUS: You might also want to check out Udacity, but it's more optional than the ones above. The best you can get out of it is in the marketing and promotion courses.

Edit: Moved the video version up for people who need it.

r/gamedev • post
36 points • Juantum
Game Design Courses starting in October

Hey guys, I ran into a couple of online courses, and thought I'd share them here, since they may help someone else. I believe you can pay if you want a certification, but otherwise they are free.

The courses are Story and Narrative Concept for Video Games ( link ) and Principles of Game Design ( link )

They seem to be oriented to the big picture of game design rather than any engine/implementation specifics, but I wouldn't be able to tell how good they are until the courses start.

Hope this is useful to someone!

(First time posting here, so please let me know if I should have posted this in the Daily Discussion thread or if this is fine)

r/gamedesign • comment
2 points • strngr11

I like some of the brainstorming exercises in this Coursera class: It's not going to give you the answers, but it gives you decent tools to get the creative juices flowing so you can start to come up with your own answers.