Principles of fMRI 1

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Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) is the most widely used technique for investigating the living, functioning human brain as people perform tasks and experience mental states.

Statistics Statistical Analysis Statistical Model Preprocessor

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Taught by
Martin Lindquist, PhD, MSc
Professor, Biostatistics
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
Johns Hopkins University

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r/AcademicPsychology • comment
1 points • Stauce52

What parts are you confused about?

There's a two-part series on fMRI fundamentals that's freely available on Coursera that should help with quite a lot of your confusion. Besides that, it just requires time, experience, and continued exposure to the content.

r/neuroscience • comment
1 points • wsen

Coding skills will be very helpful, look into learning python, bash and/or matlab. Experience with statistics and stats software such as R would also be helpful. There are a lot of good online tutorials and courses, for example on coursera. Speaking of which, they also have a good course on the basics of fMRI

There are also open neuroscience datasets - some of these have actual fmri images that can be analyzed, and others have extracted brain measures in spreadsheet form you can run statistics on. You may need someone with experience helping you learn how to work with that type of data though. However, there is a good tutorial of analysis with fsl on youtube