Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Rice University.

Offered by Rice University. This short course surveys all the major topics covered in a full semester MBA level finance course, but with a ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
James Weston
Harmon Whittington Professor of Finance
and 9 more instructors

Offered by
Rice University

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r/PersonalFinanceCanada • comment
7 points • ryan-00

Some very good and valid points.

Here are some University level courses about finance.

So much can now be learned online.

Also this course: Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

r/finance • comment
2 points • nikmav2

In my experience, youtube videos are much better than text for understanding key concepts and terms like that. Depends on your learning style, obviously, but I'd give it a try if I was you.

As for courses, maybe check out Coursera? If you don't need the certificate, it's free as far as I know.

Your examples don't sound directly Finance-specific, so maybe look at something like business essentials, marketing or (management) accounting. If you have a few specific questions, there is a weekly questions thread every monday in this subreddit, questions there generally get answered.

r/personalfinance • comment
2 points • patmorgan235

OK so I don't remember the exact formulas/methods but what your doing is called "Discounting". Your math and logic looks right to me, inflation eventually is just negative interest.

There's this really great coursea course called Finance for nonfinance professionals and the first unit is all about the time value of money and how to properly discount returns on investments and such. Highly recommend even if you only do the first unit

r/personalfinance • comment
1 points • RustyNewton

One of the sites that has MOOCs is Coursera has a bunch of free college courses on finance from various colleges.