Feminism and Social Justice

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Offered by University of California, Santa Cruz. "Feminism and Social Justice" is an adaptation of Distinguished Professor Bettina ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Bettina Aptheker
Distinguished Professor
and 11 more instructors

Offered by
University of California, Santa Cruz

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r/books • comment
4 points • shrdsrrws

Yeah, that's a heavy reading for someone starting to study feminism. My suggestion would be to look for feminism and women's rights courses on sites like Coursera (it seems like there's one going on right now), EdX, universities, etc. This way you can get familiar with concepts and terminology, and someone will be there to clarify any doubt that you might have. They would give you recommended literature and documentaries as well. After that, you can start to branch out on your own.

r/AskFeminists • comment
4 points • basketcase789

I'll recommend you the course I'm taking on Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/learn/feminism-social-justice. It's free to audit, they have a combination of video or reading text for whichever you prefer, this professor talks in easy to understand language, and she has been an activist since the 70s or 80s. You can also take it at your own pace because you can refresh your "deadlines".

r/Feminism • comment
1 points • sakthi38311

Feminism means equality of ALL genders. Feminism aims for radical social change which is inclusive of every oppressed person.

Feminism meets intersectionally in class, caste, race, gender, Sexuality.

It's not a competition who is oppressed more. The real goal is to bring equality. Please be inclusive.

To know more there is course on Coursera on Feminism and Social Justice. You can audit it. It is very useful.

Edit : Feminism is a social justice movement against all oppresive forces mainly patriarchy. Men are affected by patriarchy too in some ways and that is our goal too. Feminism is a fight against a system not a person and in this fight, we should all be together in this.

r/Feminism • comment
1 points • RainyTuesday226

Try this one: https://www.coursera.org/learn/feminism-social-justice?ranMID=40328&ranEAID=D8u8CTDRU0o&ranSiteID=D8u8CTDRU0o-MlQBLkMXZavhZ9t0BWEm6Q&siteID=D8u8CTDRU0o-MlQBLkMXZavhZ9t0BWEm6Q&utm_content=10&utm_medium=partners&utm_source=linkshare&utm_campaign=D8u8CTDRU0o

r/DemocratsforDiversity • comment
1 points • ExcellentOdysseus2

I'm taking this course on feminism and social justice. It's pretty good so far, I just wish there was a textbook. What I need is a seminar.

r/suggestmeabook • comment
1 points • crying-

I have a B.A. in Feminist Studies and found the following syllabuses from my alma mater. I graduated before all the dated semesters and cannot vouch for the classes' formatting, but there is not a Feminist Studies program like UCSC's department. Additionally, I recommend that the person read articles, rather than a book, since most "Feminism 101" books are cursory and skimp on detail and analysis. You'll probably find the majority of the articles on JSTOR, which is free until June 30th.