Securing Digital Democracy

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from University of Michigan.

Offered by University of Michigan. In this course, you'll learn what every citizen should know about the security risks--and future ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
J. Alex Halderman
Associate Professor
and 12 more instructors

Offered by
University of Michigan

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r/The_Donald • post
19 points • tay_phill
Educating a Centipede: Digital Election Fraud Edition
r/SandersForPresident • post
2 points • jj4sanders
The Most Important Issue That Sanders is Neglecting

Online voting. Since he is dominating among Millennials this issue is potentially the most important. We have seen how quickly online polls get removed and how quickly corp. media and Rep.'s will do anything to suppress dissent, but if Sanders and the young Internet savvy supporters make Internet Voting their man on the moon mandate, this will change everything.

This perfectly dovetails with voter registration movements but the more people who vote, the better it is for liberals, the middle class and every group except the 1%.

There has been so much research done in the field of digital democracy I think it is closer than what many may believe. Bernie has a chance to introduce millions of young people to the idea and they can at least start thinking about it and telling others, in addition to, perhaps working on it themselves.

Voter turn out is key to Democracy and in this busy day and age, everyone should have the opportunity to have their voice heard. Everything about you is stored in a database somewhere. There is no reason that voting cannot be done the same as banking but we all know the usual suspects that will be against this.

I hope this becomes part of his stump speech at some point.

here is a great coursera program that goes over the basics of online voting Securing Digital Democracy

r/houston • comment
1 points • kl2342

On a related note for those ready to give our eSlates the Office Space treatment, this Coursera course on election technology looks very interesting (and you can audit the lecture materials/videos for free).

r/Seattle • comment
1 points • torgleblorgle is a great set of videos which teaches why that’s not a great idea.

r/politics • comment
1 points • ides_of_june

I always like to point to this coursera course if you're interested in learning more about methods of executing elections. You can review just the lectures and it's fairly short.

r/Polska • comment
1 points • Wylfryd

Raczej w maszynach wyborczych nie siedzę, ale obczaj ten fajny kursik na courserze od gości z Michigan. A jeśli wolisz pigułkę, a nie 16h materiałów, to polecam krążący tu filmik Toma Scotta o electronic voting. Jest bardziej o samych zagrożeniach z tym związanych niż o samym łamaniu systemu, ale IMO same testy by się nie różniły zbytnio od zwykłych testów. Ot kolejny program/firma do przetestowania, tylko na większą stawkę. No i widząc taki sms, mocno bym postawił na phishing i social engineering.

r/IAmA • comment
1 points • politico

Point them to the bi-partisan Senate Intelligence Committee's recommendations:

>Given Russian interventions to undermine the credibility of the election process, states should take urgent steps to replace outdated and vulnerable voting systems... at a minimum, any machine purchased going forward should have a voter-verifiable paper trail.

Or the findings of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine:

>[a]ll local, state, and federal elections should be conducted using human-readable paper ballots by the 2020 presidential election.

Or if they really want to get down into the details, to my Coursera course, Securing Digital Democracy:

— Alex