Demand management
Breaking down today’s commercial silos

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Offered by ESSEC Business School. The biggest challenge facing the hospitality industry over the next 5 years is the lack of integration ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Peter O'Connor
Professor of information systems, Director of the MBA in Hospitality Management
and 5 more instructors

Offered by
ESSEC Business School

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r/askhotels • comment
2 points • Canadianingermany

Take this free course. If you want accrediation, you need to pay, but if you don't need a piece of paper this is a great course. I know several RMs that go their start with this course:

r/askhotels • comment
2 points • Brendan_May

I get that you are simplifying, but this answer breaks my heart.

I have spent years trying to teach people that Hotel Revenue Management is about a lot more than just setting the (public) rate. There is an entire Revenue Management process which includes several steps like data collection, Analysis, (Daily) unconstrained Demand Forecasting, Decisions and implementing those decisions for all channels. Only ONE of the many important daily decisions is setting the public dynamic / daily rate.

To be fair yielding / setting restrictions such as Lengh of Stay restrictions to protect peak days will unfortunately probably not be the most improtant tactic the the Revenue Managers toolkit for the next little while. It is still important to understand concepts such as if you sell out on one night for a date into the future, you will block business that want to stay longer. But looking for potential alternative segments certainly should be.


For anyone who wants to understand more about Revenue Management please feel free to take this free coursera course provided by the ESSEC School of Business which is one of Europe's leading hotel business schools:

PS: Coursera does sometimes like to make it tricky to click the right buttons to sign up for free. Stick with it - you can access it for free.