Science Matters
Let's Talk About COVID-19

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Welcome to ‘Science Matters: Let's Talk about COVID-19’, from the Jameel Institute at Imperial College London. The outbreak of the Novel ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Helen Ward
Professor of Public Health
and 2 more instructors

Offered by
Imperial College London

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r/Coronavirus • post
20 points • Delibrythe
COVID19: Imperial College of London launches free online course exploring science behind outbreak

Imperial College London has launched a free online course explaining the science behind the response to the novel coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak.

Science Matters: Let’s talk about COVID19” features experts from the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis (MRC Centre) and Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA) who have been working on modelling the epidemic, estimating the epidemic size, transmissibility and severity since the first confirmed cases. The course will provide updates on the current state of the epidemic while also explaining the epidemiological and public health principles that underpin their work, with content being developed in real-time as more information becomes available.


Imperial’s first “Science Matters” course is delivered through online learning partner Coursera and contains a number of video interviews with leading experts on a variety of key topics including:

  • Basic Reproduction Number (R0) of an infection
  • Case Fatality Rate: Why it varies and why that matters
  • Community participation and the role of social media
  • Economics of an outbreak
  • Developments of a vaccine in real-time epidemics
  • Clinical presentations of COVID19

"Science Matters: Let's talk about COVID19" is available on Coursera.

r/Coronavirus • comment
1 points • tim3333

More info

r/Coronavirus • comment
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r/CoronavirusFOS • comment
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Post this link instead

r/ukpolitics • comment
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ICL also have a free course

r/unitedkingdom • comment
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Free course from Imperial College London on Covid-19.