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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Johns Hopkins University.

The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across the country, requiring thousands of people to learn key skills quickly.

Ethics Active Listening Public Health Contact Tracing Epidemiology

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Taught by
Emily Gurley, PhD, MPH
Associate Scientist
and 15 more instructors

Offered by
Johns Hopkins University

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r/CoronavirusUS • post
37 points • shallah
For anyone interested in COVID-19 Contact Tracing, Johns Hopkins University is offering a free course with certificate on Coursera
r/Coronavirus • post
12 points • fchung
COVID-19 Contact Tracing: A free Johns Hopkins University online course, available now on Coursera: « In this introductory course, students will learn about the science of SARS-CoV-2. »
r/Coronavirus • comment
12 points • megano998

I have not read the article yet (over my limit as well), but the course is HERE. Its free, developed by Johns Hopkins, and is being used to train those involved in Bloomberg's tracing efforts in NYC.

r/Coronavirus • comment
7 points • MotoBox

r/CoronavirusIllinois • comment
4 points • SlamminfishySalmon

Hopkins coursera, gold standard I believe. Save your money from the community colleges if you can help it. This might be a better option. Free and i think $50 for certificate.

hopkins contact tracing course.

edit: they are waiving the certificate now. That is also free.

This is a good way to get your feet wet and you can start today.

r/CoronavirusCirclejerk • comment
4 points • burnbaybeeburrn

Lmao, does she mean this contract tracing course?

She must be right about all the covid doomerism, then! We can't get on her level.

r/GoldandBlack • comment
4 points • chronoglass

Contact tracing is just asking who you've been in contact with.

This says they are asking arrested people about their contacts.. seems like, police work?

Edit: Here you go, you too can train yourself on the mystical art of contact tracing.

r/Coronavirus • post
3 points • 23air45jordan23
For anyone interested in COVID-19 Contact Tracing, Johns Hopkins University is offering a free course with certificate on Coursera
r/AskReddit • comment
3 points • Metoo_aswell

I just realized I didn’t give you the link to the course itself. Here is the class

r/melbourne • comment
2 points • biotuner

For B) there's some publicly available training material. I'm not sure what the DHHS use but as an example, there's the Johns Hopkins coursera material here, which will give you an idea.

For C, yes; it does need people to engage in the process.

r/LockdownSkepticism • comment
2 points • DelRey_Me

And take a course before applying.

r/KingstonOntario • comment
2 points • cjbest

You might find this course will land you a job as well.

r/Athens • comment
2 points • vernaculunar

Here’s a resource someone shared with me that might spice up an application - it’s a contact tracing course & certificate offered by Johns Hopkins for free due to the current crisis.

r/CoronavirusIllinois • comment
2 points • WheezySea

you can do it for free, or you can pay $50 and get a certificate:

I'm not sure what you're asking about resources... You mean regarding contact tracing? I looked at every article in May I could find, and there were no links. I see nothing on the IDPH website. Or did you mean something else? : )

r/Maine • comment
2 points • Ninjakick666

I'm already certified by Johns Hopkins University as a COVID-19 Contact Tracer... I did a speed run of their certification process... Took me 38 minutes to complete the week long course.... can anyone break my record?

r/Portland • comment
4 points • theemptymirror

I filled out the online interest form for contract tracing, too. Haven't heard a word. I did see that as of yesterday, Washington County has actual contact tracer job openings in the low $20~/hr range, with priority given to bilingual and WA county residents. Here is a link. Also, there is a free contact tracing course on Coursera that was developed by Johns Hopkins, and I completed that -- it seems like it might be a helpful piece of training in seeking employment (and quite honestly, once you get past the basic parts, there is a ton of useful information in there). I'm looking to replace lost gigs this summer and was hoping there was part time remote work in contact tracing, given the Governor's requirements for a certain #/per 100,000 population. The Washington County jobs are full time, though.

r/Coronavirus • comment
4 points • Noootka_Rose

Take the course here:

r/TexasPolitics • comment
1 points • InitiatePenguin
r/GetEmployed • comment
1 points • foxface315

First I want to validate that the situation you're in is really tough. It sounds like you've done a lot of thinking on this, and have thoroughly explored the options available to you. I'm sure you've considered the things I'm going to suggest, but since you didn't explicitly mention them, I'll go ahead and put them here.

I would maybe try checking in your village to make absolutely sure that there aren't any options there. It's a daunting task, for sure. As someone with mental health issues, I often have a lot of anxiety around reaching out, asking for help, and dealing with rejection. The times I've had the most success with job hunting are the times when I've been able to face those challenges. If you're working with a professional on your mental health, they may be able to work with you on this.

My other suggestion would be to explore online work. Coursera has a free course on Contact Tracing for COVID through Johns Hopkins. It takes around five hours of online study to complete. There are some other opportunities out there, but a lot of them are going to involve talking on the phone. If that sounds like an option for you, you can look into teaching English online, or something similar.

Talk to everyone you can about possible employment opportunities: friends, relatives, people in your community. You may need to take something that isn't a career job in order to get yourself into a different situation financially. If you come across an opportunity, start with "How can I make this work?" rather than "Here are all the reasons why this won't work". I've had some really rough gigs in the past (I used to walk 2 miles to my coffeeshop job in a Minnesota winter, and I had a gig at a grocery store even after I got my degree). If you do end up in a position like that, have an exit strategy planned out. Figure out what you'd like to do (learn to drive, take online courses, move somewhere else) and figure out how much you need to save to make that happen.

r/italy • comment
1 points • FatFishOnARoomba

Segnalo che su Coursera è stato pubblicato un nuovo corso della Johns Hopkins University (sì, quelli della famosa dashboard) per imparare le basi del Contact Tracing. Il corso è gratis e dovrebbe durare complessivamente circa 5 ore. Magari a qualcuno interessa e potrebbe scapparci qualcosa da mettere nel cv, se il contact tracer dovesse veramente diventare uno dei lavori del futuro, chissà...

r/publichealth • comment
1 points • jsweezz

Here’s a free online contact tracing course. Most folks working at LPHAs are doing covid-19 contact tracing right now even if they are employed in a different position, so it is a worthwhile skill:

r/australia • comment
1 points • kirbykins08

John Hopkins has a free online contact tracing course available here. It's seven hours in total with some modules focusing on general covid information. I'm not sure how the US differs to here (presumably the basic principles align) but I bookmarked it because I thought it might be interesting nonetheless.

r/SeattleWA • comment
1 points • DickDover

I don't know how they are hiring, but Johns Hopkins University just put up a free course on COVID-19 Contact Tracing on Cousera, the course is aprox. 5 hours.

I would take that course.

r/melbourne • comment
1 points • F1NANCE

In just 7 hours you too can become a world class covid-19 contact tracer (I'm not joking)

r/WorkOnline • comment
1 points • Chief_Kief

Free certification with a contact tracing course via Coursera:

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • lost_send_berries

Now I think you're just arguing for the sake of it.

Watch the communication section of - this is what effective contact tracing looks like. You don't get this for £9/hour.

r/UGA • comment
1 points • SurreelSeels

I don't know about that one, but did you see this contact tracing course by Johns Hopkins? Free through end of December and even comes with a certificate if you're interested in that.

r/PennStateUniversity • comment
1 points • banHammerAndSickle

Learn something

r/epidemiology • comment
1 points • Penguins_Penguins

Haha I should have guessed that was the class 😊 What about something like this? Free and 6 hours, and you can get a certificate

r/UniversityOfHouston • comment
1 points • Sir-yes-mam

John Hopkins University has a free course on coursera!

r/Coronavirus • comment
3 points • FrankU_MajorityHwip

My understanding (from the Johns Hopkins contract tracing course) is by five days, 50% of people show symptoms. Then by 14 days, 95% show symptoms.

Santa Clara is actually a completely different county (they're up in Northern California). Santa Clarita is a city within Los Angeles county.

The protest was on Tuesday the 5th. Bit of a spike in the 5-7 days after.

r/Philippines • comment
1 points • otherworldly91

Here's the link:

r/Coronavirus • comment
1 points • blanchae

University of John Hopkins Medical School offers a free online COVID-19 Contact Tracing course

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • arbitrary-nickname

Free online course, if you want to learn the basics:

r/COVID19positive • comment
1 points • glitterpens_

Yes, if you have any interest you can also learn more about contact tracing here. I found it interesting because it goes over a lot of basic info such what types of interactions warrant a self-quarantine, etc. If this isn't in your definition of fun, then totally just X out of it.

Definitely make sure you get tested too. Remember that per clinical guidelines, a negative test doesn't exclude disease. If this ends up being the case, most guidelines recommend retesting 48 hours after the first time. If you think you might have it, be persistent about getting tested.

r/maryland • comment
1 points • Yamnaya

Hopkins has a free course on Coursera that gives you a certificate in like two weeks as well :)

r/CoronavirusMichigan • comment
1 points • mehisuck

>"We just can't find enough people to do this work and it's logistically very challenging," Warsh said. "It's not like just any college student can open up their laptop and do this work. We need to use state-approved technology. We need to train people. It's not like being any sort of call center employee."
>The Michigan Department Health and Human Services asked state employees in other departments to work as contact tracers for three-month stints. Employees who volunteer must take a 7-hour training from Johns Hopkins University and also learn the state's system.
>One hundred and fifteen state employees, some full-time and some part-time workers, volunteered to take the training, Office of State Employer spokesperson Kurt Weiss said. Their supervisors had to approve their temporary move to contact tracing.
>Those who volunteered will start this week, helping local health departments investigate coronavirus cases and exposures.
>There are roughly 1,000 contact tracers working statewide, both at the state and local level. Some are temporary employees hired to help manage the surge of new cases.
>The hiring was mostly paid for with federal stimulus money that expires at the end of 2020, Warsh said. It's hard to hire additional contact tracers without knowing whether a second stimulus package will be passed in time for Jan. 1.
>"Even if I wanted to go and hire 500 more people, we have money that will expire in 30 days," he said. "Hiring someone and saying 'you can work for two weeks and we hope Congress will fund your position in January' is difficult."

r/coronabr • comment
1 points • chewieb

Vou salvar o clique de quem se interessou pelo curso:

r/bayarea • comment
1 points • lostfintel

FYI, Coursera offers a free Covid-19 Contract Tracing course from John's Hopkins University. Bay Area counties could hire trained individuals who posses a basic understanding of contract tracing.

r/socialwork • comment
1 points • KryzFerr

Hi- DO IT!

So I don't have any experience with COVID but I work in HIV and in my early years did a lot of testing which always led to contact tracing for anyone testing positive. Its something that is really intense at first but you get into the groove really easily.

Every city/county/state will be super different given what support systems will be in place. You'll basically assess past and present risk- who were they living with, who were they around, how many people, names, etc. Can they quarantine away from people right now? How can they get groceries, how can they deal with childcare, etc. There will definitely be a lot of social work components to it. I live in NYC and I think they're pretty well compensated (tracers earn 54-58K and managers make 60-65K)- not sure what the looks like other places though.

Also do you know about Hopkins' contact tracing course online? I heard its really great. Good luck!

r/askgaybros • comment
1 points • thatredditscribbler

We're all on the same boat, buddy. Hang in there. What's happening is outside of our control. Things will return to normal.

Here's something a suggestion, perhaps it could help. Coursera might still be offering a free contact tracing course. There are a lot of places that are hiring COVID contact tracers. Perhaps this is something that could lead you to a job opportunity. I believe the course is 7 hours. Hope this helps.

r/CoronavirusMa • comment
3 points • Gaviero

Congratulations on your offer for a position as a Contact Tracer!

You likely know about the free Johns Hopkins Coursera course:

Well worth it. Informative and gives you a sense of the work, and the importance of it.

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • Linlea

I've just started the online contact tracing course offered by Johns Hopkins University

Can I get a job as a contact tracer?

r/AskReddit • comment
1 points • tab1901

Please add the Johns Hopkins contact tracing certificate to your list. It’s required where I work at to help a contact tracer and they’re hiring a lot.

r/legaladvice • comment
6 points • ZevKyogre

I'm being hired as a Contact Tracer in NY - not your state, but this is based on what I believe are federal guidelines, that any area "opening" must have a Contact Tracing Corps.

You call the county health department and inform them that this is the potential for a mass-outbreak event. Advise them that an employee is positive, you were all exposed, and your employer is aware of this, but demanding that the business operate as usual - denying paid time off, or even the opportunity to use sick leave, or unpaid time off.

Start with this website: and call your county health department.

(For those interested in Contact Tracing, the information disseminated to Tracers can be found here: )

r/politics • comment
2 points • airkaty

This blows my mind! I, along with 540K other students, got certified to be a contact tracer through John Hopkins University on Coursera. (

We heard about the need and responded because

A) We want to help

B) We are stuck at home and need to earn income and contribute to society in a meaningful way


C) When there is so much misinformation, the best thing to do is arm yourself with knowledge.

Why are people so blind to things like Science! - And Facts!

After getting certified, I couldn't find any opportunities to actually be a contact tracer, so I started my own company Contact Tracing Colorado. But if there's no funding, there's no funding. I can't just contract work out to health agencies that don't have the money. Argh!

r/indianapolis • comment
1 points • DangFools

The course is by John Hopkins. Taught by Emily Gurley, Ph.D., MPH of John Hopkins University. Here is her link:

Here is a link to the section the slide was from her course:

r/CoronavirusDownunder • comment
1 points • 22025

I would agree with most of this. Keep in mind that if overall you prevent the average person from infecting more than one person the cluster will eventually shrink. So the contact tracers don't need to be perfect, and if they start with the most likely candidates they can do effective work even if they can't get to the end of it. My understanding is that some of my medical colleagues were reallocated to this task and there are around 1000 contact tracers (maybe more now). There's a MOOC on contact tracing out there if anyone is stuck for something to do and thinks they might be able to get a gig.

r/vancouverwa • comment
0 points • TomahawkJackson

Johns Hopkins' COVID free Contact Tracing training says that (if you think your child has a viable vector for COVID, I guess) all 4 of you should hole up No Contact until none of you has an unmedicated fever and no other symptoms for at least 3 consecutive days.