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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Johns Hopkins University.

The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across the country, requiring thousands of people to learn key skills quickly.

Ethics Active Listening Public Health Contact Tracing Epidemiology

Next cohort starts July 13. Accessible for free. Completion certificates are offered.

Affiliate disclosure: Please use the blue and green buttons to visit Coursera if you plan on enrolling in a course. Commissions Reddsera receives from using these links will keep this site online and ad-free. Reddsera will not receive commissions if you only use course links found in the below Reddit discussions.

Taught by
Emily Gurley, PhD, MPH
Associate Scientist

Offered by
Johns Hopkins University

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r/Coronavirus • post
12 points • fchung
COVID-19 Contact Tracing: A free Johns Hopkins University online course, available now on Coursera: « In this introductory course, students will learn about the science of SARS-CoV-2. »
r/Coronavirus • comment
12 points • megano998

I have not read the article yet (over my limit as well), but the course is HERE. Its free, developed by Johns Hopkins, and is being used to train those involved in Bloomberg's tracing efforts in NYC.

r/GoldandBlack • comment
4 points • chronoglass

Contact tracing is just asking who you've been in contact with.

This says they are asking arrested people about their contacts.. seems like, police work?

Edit: Here you go, you too can train yourself on the mystical art of contact tracing.

r/Coronavirus • post
3 points • 23air45jordan23
For anyone interested in COVID-19 Contact Tracing, Johns Hopkins University is offering a free course with certificate on Coursera
r/LockdownSkepticism • comment
2 points • DelRey_Me

And take a course before applying.

r/CoronavirusIllinois • comment
2 points • WheezySea

you can do it for free, or you can pay $50 and get a certificate:

I'm not sure what you're asking about resources... You mean regarding contact tracing? I looked at every article in May I could find, and there were no links. I see nothing on the IDPH website. Or did you mean something else? : )

r/Maine • comment
2 points • Ninjakick666

I'm already certified by Johns Hopkins University as a COVID-19 Contact Tracer... I did a speed run of their certification process... Took me 38 minutes to complete the week long course.... can anyone break my record?

r/Portland • comment
4 points • theemptymirror

I filled out the online interest form for contract tracing, too. Haven't heard a word. I did see that as of yesterday, Washington County has actual contact tracer job openings in the low $20~/hr range, with priority given to bilingual and WA county residents. Here is a link. Also, there is a free contact tracing course on Coursera that was developed by Johns Hopkins, and I completed that -- it seems like it might be a helpful piece of training in seeking employment (and quite honestly, once you get past the basic parts, there is a ton of useful information in there). I'm looking to replace lost gigs this summer and was hoping there was part time remote work in contact tracing, given the Governor's requirements for a certain #/per 100,000 population. The Washington County jobs are full time, though.

r/Coronavirus • comment
4 points • Noootka_Rose

Take the course here:

r/LockdownSkepticism • post
1 points • buckleandbandon
Johns Hopkins University Contact Tracer Course......for laughs I took's free...interesting to see what the price will be for the slightest lifting of lockdown ..
r/u_PriTaneja • post
1 points • PriTaneja
[Resource] Become certified in COVID-19 Contact Tracing
r/publichealth • post
1 points • SadBreath
[Resource] Become certified in COVID-19 Contact Tracing
r/conspiracy • post
1 points • Dantronicus
Interested in Becoming a Contact Tracer? Enroll Free in a Contact Tracing Course!
r/conspiracyNOPOL • post
1 points • monthlydecay
Know your enemy: Free Contact Tracing course and certificate by John Hopkins University on Coursera
r/China_Flu • post
1 points • Tommy__Douglas
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Free course from John Hopkins University
r/COVID • post
1 points • Tommy__Douglas
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Free course from John Hopkins University
r/CoronavirusCanada • post
1 points • Tommy__Douglas
COVID-19 Contact Tracing Free course from John Hopkins University
r/freebies • post
1 points • jayjeenyus
Free contract tracing course + certificate from Coursera
r/news • post
1 points • DecaturNature
COVID-19 Contact Tracing | Coursera
r/Philippines • comment
1 points • otherworldly91

Here's the link:

r/UniversityOfHouston • comment
1 points • Sir-yes-mam

John Hopkins University has a free course on coursera!

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • arbitrary-nickname

Free online course, if you want to learn the basics:

r/publichealth • comment
1 points • jsweezz

Here’s a free online contact tracing course. Most folks working at LPHAs are doing covid-19 contact tracing right now even if they are employed in a different position, so it is a worthwhile skill:

r/Coronavirus • comment
3 points • FrankU_MajorityHwip

My understanding (from the Johns Hopkins contract tracing course) is by five days, 50% of people show symptoms. Then by 14 days, 95% show symptoms.

Santa Clara is actually a completely different county (they're up in Northern California). Santa Clarita is a city within Los Angeles county.

The protest was on Tuesday the 5th. Bit of a spike in the 5-7 days after.

r/CoronavirusMa • comment
3 points • Gaviero

Congratulations on your offer for a position as a Contact Tracer!

You likely know about the free Johns Hopkins Coursera course:

Well worth it. Informative and gives you a sense of the work, and the importance of it.

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • Linlea

I've just started the online contact tracing course offered by Johns Hopkins University

Can I get a job as a contact tracer?

r/italy • comment
1 points • FatFishOnARoomba

Segnalo che su Coursera è stato pubblicato un nuovo corso della Johns Hopkins University (sì, quelli della famosa dashboard) per imparare le basi del Contact Tracing. Il corso è gratis e dovrebbe durare complessivamente circa 5 ore. Magari a qualcuno interessa e potrebbe scapparci qualcosa da mettere nel cv, se il contact tracer dovesse veramente diventare uno dei lavori del futuro, chissà...

r/canada • comment
1 points • DelRey_Me

Sounds like you want to be a snitch; you should take this contact tracing course and get yourself a new job. Come on, do the Reich thing.

r/SeattleWA • comment
1 points • DickDover

I don't know how they are hiring, but Johns Hopkins University just put up a free course on COVID-19 Contact Tracing on Cousera, the course is aprox. 5 hours.

I would take that course.

r/TexasPolitics • comment
1 points • InitiatePenguin
r/premed • post
1 points • 68Whiskey2MD
Things to do for the summer - premed students

I’ve seen a lot of people talk about them not having nothing to do for their med school apps & I saw this and wanted to share! contact tracing course along with the certificate for free. Plus you could work from home for 17-22 USD/hr depending on location!

r/conspiracy • post
1 points • Dantronicus
Interesting in Becoming a Contact Tracer? Enroll Free in this Covid-19 Contact Tracing Course!
r/conspiracy • post
1 points • HouseFireMusic
Covid-19 contact tracing course sponsored by bloomberg, ties to gates

Just noticed this recently.

Lots of ties between bloomberg and gates. So now they're recruiting people who will assist to hunt down and find those that need vaccines no doubt.

r/legaladvice • comment
6 points • ZevKyogre

I'm being hired as a Contact Tracer in NY - not your state, but this is based on what I believe are federal guidelines, that any area "opening" must have a Contact Tracing Corps.

You call the county health department and inform them that this is the potential for a mass-outbreak event. Advise them that an employee is positive, you were all exposed, and your employer is aware of this, but demanding that the business operate as usual - denying paid time off, or even the opportunity to use sick leave, or unpaid time off.

Start with this website: and call your county health department.

(For those interested in Contact Tracing, the information disseminated to Tracers can be found here: )

r/vancouverwa • comment
0 points • TomahawkJackson

Johns Hopkins' COVID free Contact Tracing training says that (if you think your child has a viable vector for COVID, I guess) all 4 of you should hole up No Contact until none of you has an unmedicated fever and no other symptoms for at least 3 consecutive days.

r/indianapolis • comment
1 points • DangFools

The course is by John Hopkins. Taught by Emily Gurley, Ph.D., MPH of John Hopkins University. Here is her link:

Here is a link to the section the slide was from her course:

r/conspiracy • comment
1 points • Gr33nB34NZ

There's also already certification training available via Johns Hopkins and an organization called ASTHO and a bunch of businesses nationwide already hiring people for roles as Covid-19 Contact Tracers. Almost as if they've already passed the bill or as if somehow people were already told to set up shop and get staff geared up for when they're ALLOWED to start tracing, and not waiting to do all that until after the bill passes. Seems like someone on the inside gave a whole lot of people in the healthcare industry a tip that somehow this would pass no problem, but for whatever reason it all just doesn't seem right. They contact trace the wrong house and it's gonna be bad news for that person 'just doing their job'. Police get involved and I could see some communities just not havin' any of it.

r/publichealth • comment
1 points • KryzFerr

Congrats! So it looks like Hopkins is actually offering a virtual course on this:

That could be helpful. I also worked on the periphery of contact tracing through my job in HIV program management. There is obviously a LOT of outreach to people so they might want to guage your comfort with cold-calling, notifying folks of possible exposure, and how you walk them through next steps. You could definitely speak to some "customer service" skills developed in your retail job. There is also probably a good amount of data entry so hopefully you're doing some of that as an RA.

r/sweden • comment
1 points • frobar

Finns visst en kurs i covid-19-kontaktspårning på Coursera nu. En BBC-snubbe tog den.

Eftertraktad talang om vi fixar vårt lir snart kanske.

r/ukpolitics • comment
1 points • lost_send_berries - no need to sign up to watch

I watched the section on communication and noticed how differently Americans talk than us :-) not sure how some of these techniques would go down :-)

r/novacovid • post
1 points • VAEMT
r/CoronavirusWA • post
1 points • bigtimetopbanana
Free COVID-19 contact tracing course on Coursera

May be of interesting to some of you.

Johns Hopkins have posted a class on Coursera with info known about history, signs, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, transmission and then into basics, ethics and effectivness of contact tracing. Bloomberg is paying the $49 certificate fee at the moment.

Five hours of education from John Hopkins PhDs for free:

r/Portland • post
1 points • notagainpdx
Free Contact Tracing Course and Certificate from Johns Hopkins

One of the main reasons Kafoury said Mult. County can't open was lack of contact tracers. I have no idea how they are hiring or if this course will help, but it's free, and the certification (which isn't usually free) is free. They also recommend it for those curious about public health.

r/Philippines • comment
0 points • feedmesomedata

BJMP personnel and DOH reps can still catch this course I don't think we have trained contact tracers in the field, or maybe we do but others may have just been "trained on the job"

r/Economics • comment
1 points • bhldev

No, he's not talking out of his ass. He's an AI aficionado and evangelist and actually knows the dark secret of AI that it relies on enormous masses of manpower.

Contact tracing needs manpower and a lot of it. Every country other than the USA is hiring tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of contact tracers

As for encouraging everyone to spend in 10 days I think everyone can figure out how to go on Amazon or other online retailers and place a thousand dollars worth of junk. It doesn't have to be outdoors.

The "intention" as you put it is rather than hand out money to companies or even to individuals to somehow spur consumer spending. I think it's rather intelligent... give people a credit card that they can only use to buy goods and services, not hoard. Might be a better idea than bailing out companies or the government buying stocks.

r/ucf • post
1 points • Isoldel
Free Contact Tracer Course through Johns Hopkins University

You can easily get this done within 4-5 hours and get the certificate. Go through the $49 option and it'll show free during checkout. Why do this? For one, it's a free certificate and two, there might be jobs available in the future for this. If you're not doing anything, get it done and add it to your resume.

Article describing the course:

Direct link to sign up: