Analyzing Big Data with SQL

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Offered by Cloudera. In this course, you'll get an in-depth look at the SQL SELECT statement and its main clauses. The course focuses on big ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Ian Cook
Staff Curriculum Developer
and 6 more instructors

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Best Coursera Courses for Data Science?

I know there are multiple posts, but hopefully we can get an updated view.

I recently got a 1 year unlimited subscription to Coursera from work to self learn data science. Wonder if there are som recommended courses?

A few I'm thinking of enrolling in include:

  1. Data Analysis with Python (IBM) -
  2. Analyzing Big Data with SQL (Cloudera) -
  3. SQL for Data Science (UC Davis) -
  4. Data Science Specialization (John Hopkins) -

Hoping I can get through all of these in a year. Wondering if there are any other courses on Coursera anyone would recommend here? I am wondering if I can pretty much replicate the course content of a Master in Analytics with my 1 year subscription.

My end goal is to be proficient in Python/R/SQL to be able to do linear / multi-variable regression analysis with BigData in finance (i.e. Quantitative Investment Research).

Thank you!