Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning

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Offered by Amazon Web Services. Machine learning (ML) is one of the fastest growing areas in technology and a highly sought after skillset ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Blaine Sundrud
Senior Technical Trainer
and 10 more instructors

Offered by
Amazon Web Services

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r/r4rindia • comment
2 points • Prestigious-Tower468

I don’t know of what help this might be, but here’s a link to AWS beginner’s course on ML with free certification from Coursera.

r/AskEngineers • comment
3 points • DrizzlyShrimp36

They were. I took them on Coursera. They were free during a promotion I took advantage of a couple months back, I don't know if they still are but it's worth checking out. I did an introducation to AWS Machine Learning and am currently learning Machine Learning project management, offered by Google.

Also some that I definitely know to be free (not on Coursera) are the Google Analytics and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certifications. They're easy to find online.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
3 points • vasaforever

You may be a good candidate for the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning field. Your analytical and data driven experience can be helpful especially if you can combined that with creating next gen solutions for innovation.

You'll use Python, and will engage with the newest cloud technologies in AWS and Azure. There are also technical certifications for AI Engineers which combined with your degrees may help you move into the field. The job titles are Computational Biologist, Biostatistician and similar. They get paid insane amounts of money as they combine computer science, information technology, and biomedical technology into a unique skillset.

Even outside of that ML answer AI are part of data analysis so if you dig that check it out. I'm no expert, and recently just finished a Udacity AI/ML Foundations NanoDegree and just wet my beak enough to understand basics.

  • AWS:
  • Python ML:
  • Azure AI:
  • Overview of ML Certifications:

r/coding • comment
2 points • shiningmatcha

Anyway, I’ve copied the article:

  1. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning ( offered by Amazon Web Services)

  2. Machine Learning for Business Professionals (offered by Google Cloud)

  3. C++ For C Programmers, Part A (offered by University of California, Santa Cruz)

  4. Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course). Offered by CentraleSupélec

  5. Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

  6. Data Science Math Skills (offered by Duke University)

  7. Cloud Computing Basics (Cloud 101). Offered by “LearnQuest”

  8. Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals for AWS Professionals (offered by Google Cloud)

r/AWSCertifications • post
3 points • FoxJoshua
Recommendations for AWS Certified Machine Learning Speciality exam preparation?

I'd like materials targeted at the exam.

I would particularly like practice tests, with clear explanations for right and wrong answers. I have found these, and will appreciate appraisals of their quality: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Exam[email protected] (Course&ExamPrep), Frlez/Udemy, Whizlabs

I'll appreciate appraisals of course materials. I have found: [email protected] , ACloudGuru, AWS's own training, Coursera, and Linux Academy

Is there a good book? Mengle Mastering Machined Learning on AWS is the only one that I have found

r/learnmachinelearning • comment
1 points • Sagyam

Coursera is giving lot's of good courses with certifications for free right now if you have a student email ID. All of these are in coursera

  1. Deep Learning Specialization from
  2. TensorFlow in Practice Specialization from
  3. Natural Language Processing Specialization from
  4. Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning from AWS (There's no coding assingments and it teaches you about AWS APIs for ML/DL task)
  5. And obviously Andrew Ng Stanford Machine Learning Course