Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

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Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth.

Biology Solar Systems Microbiology Astrobiology

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Taught by
Charles Cockell
and 10 more instructors

Offered by
The University of Edinburgh

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r/scifiwriting • post
8 points • Prospero86
Where to get ideas (or "how to give a hand")

Hello, biologist in the making here, my first post on reddit ever.

Since little I always thought "how do another sentient beings would be?", "what kind of ecology lies beyond earth?", and many many other questions. Time pass and never quite answered those fully, but got some answers thanks to science. Molecular biology, genetics, some chemistry. But what about you, where do you get ideas (and maybe some answers) from? And if you may, I give a hand on some questions you may want to ask on my career too.

As a bonus I decided to give a link to a course from Coursera (if you do not know what Coursera is, do not wait to google this wonder), is astrobiology which may be helpful, is self paced and very insightful

There is also these, not self paced but all of them are free unless you want a certificate: "Crafting an Effective Writer: Tools of the Trade (Fundamental English Writing)", starts in 14 days "Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World", starts in 17 days

If everything is on track I may give more resources on "sci fi bio" next week. ;-)

EDIT: How could I forgot mention my obsession with writing Sci Fi settings and short stories. May as well help some of you with research on your novel if being kind.

r/Astronomy • comment
1 points • davedubya

If you would like to dip your toe in the water with astrobiology, there is an interesting free course on Coursera here.

r/Astrobiology • comment
1 points • OverfedRaccoon

I took this course back when it first launched and really enjoyed it. It might be worth checking out.

r/Astrobiology • comment
1 points • keame

I'm almost through this one

which looks similar. It's a good introduction, covers the basics. I have no background in the field, so it was worth the time.

r/space • comment
2 points • omnichronos

You might want to start with a basic Astronomy course taught at Yale. MIT offers a very rigorous Astrophysics course, also you might find a course on Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life interesting.

There are plenty of other online certification courses online.