Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau

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One of the skills that characterizes great business data analysts is the ability to communicate practical implications of quantitative analyses to any kind of audience member.

Data Analysis Tableau Software Data Visualization (DataViz) Visualization (Computer Graphics)

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Taught by
Daniel Egger
Executive in Residence and Director, Center for Quantitative Modeling
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
Duke University

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r/visualization • comment
2 points • antoniogh5

BTW.... A good way to get a good grasp on Tableau is this Duke course in Coursera, highly recommended

r/datascience • comment
1 points • bkshi

Coursera has some pretty good courses on that with certifications. This

r/tableau • comment
1 points • ranbeer-powerbipro

u/puckheadclown24 Here are courses that helped us:


Another free:

Another course (FREE):

Looks like your stint with Tableau is short as I see you asking to migrate to Power BI on another thread. :)